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the way they want to work. don't get close to our municipal syst system that some folks may say. we cannot let politics be our guide. paris london and england has great transportation systems but look at san francisco. achieving a world class transportation system is a journey forward not a december nation but let's approach our transportation challenges the san francisco way once again through consensus and common and let's us take up the hard work and take the first part of the journey now. an equal exchange is the availability of housing yes. in spite of all we're doing for every of every income especially low income families. i know smob about this topic i'll fought to get this under control from my long hair days. we cannot defy the cost of living in our town. we haven't built enough new housing. last year, we began to make some progress in november the 0 voters passed the housing trust fund for the next thirty years for affordable housing for first time home buyers and thank you to this gentleman for our first responders. today, there are more than 20 times the new housing built in 2
the east bay, and south bay, totals with studethe storm syst moving anywhere from a quarter to a half an inch. let's get you to the morning forecast, heading to tuesday over the hump of a morning, cloud cover, fog, keeping it slightly warmer here, 47 in redwood city, 49 in los gatos, 49 in the city, liver more, mid-40s in santa rosa, slight onshore wind with fog, cooler, 67 degrees for tuesday, 68 in san jose, and back to the east bay also, plenty of mid-to-upper 60s, 68 in dublin, 68 in walnut creek and hayward, 63 in san francisco, upper 50s, low 60s, close to 70 in santa rosa, not quite there. so in the three-day forecast, rain returns as we head throughout thursday, then as we look ahead to the upcoming weekend, cloud cover here, showers to the north. right now we'll hold off on any widespread rain here for the bay area, for the upcoming weekend. and then temperatures will later be going up and then back down again. so not bad the next two days, and then we'll get some much-needed rain back in here by thursday, as well. >> spring showers. >> yeah, not bad. >>> you're welcome. >>>
are not been tested for safety because the chemical policy is brokenwe need to fix and it not have a syst where chemicals are in this before proven guilty. >> what do you mean fix it? i think of like roundup or very popular insecticides. those things scare me. so none of these have been tested. >> roundup is a pesticide and under the law pesticides do have to be tested. but, most chemicals like fire retardants do not have to be tested and so by fixing it, i mean, making sure that chen cals actually go through a battery of tests before they go on e rket so we don't end up a situation where down the line we realize, oh, my god, these are causing health problems and instead, we prevent the problems to begin with, and second thing that we need to fix, is the fact that if the epa discovers that a chemical that is on the market is, in fact, toxic, it is really difficult under current law for the epa to get that chemical off the market so we also need to fix that. >> and that is a big part of the problem. the epa doesn't have the authority it needs to get these off the market and it is also not doing
, as you know. as we modernize theysm, we're increasing the aby enter into syste in the old days, before we were worried about cybersecurity and cyber attacks, the faa was considered the air traffic system itself a closed system. nobody could get in. and it was pretty much that way. now as we expand the system, we have more people introducing things into the system, and we modernize the system. for example, as we go to space-based, aircraft are going to become a node on an information system to do collaborative air traffic control, so the controllers aren't doing everything. they're working with the pilots, the aircraft. the aircraft have a bigger picture of what's going on in the system. as we introduce those into the closed loop, the flight information management system, for example, on the aircraft, that could be a way to get into the system. that could compromise the system. and as we open the back of the airplane up to more people using the internet, then that's a possible entry into the system through the flight management system. hugh duo tesso, a gentleman from germany, was in amste
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, the healthcare providers and doctors who are caedn provide the care and tcaid syste under them becae ty on the patients doesn't mean they can treat more people. under obama care, there would be less acess to healthcare and not more acess to healthcare. people are coming under the recognition that the state of texas idea is the superiored why. for the federal government to provide a block to the states and the states can create a program that is effect itch for the states on state and healthcare providers in the state. >> mike: we appreciate your perspective. great to have you with us today. >> thank you, governor always my pleasure. >> mike: betsy mccoy. texas is one of the states saying no can do. >> we'll explain the exchangings. so many people will lose the on the job coverage and many will. the exchange like a super market that sells cereal or car dealership that onlisomes sedans and no hatch backings or convertiblings it is one size fits all. and the assumption is that we are not smart enough to choose the kind of health insurance we want and when you hear the blons and silver and
the exit and entry syste works. we also have income, in fines for those going to be on the path to citizenship as well as fees for companies that want to bring in workers will pay. one never knows how it works in c.b.o. we don't know how they will score it. for some reason that c.b.o. gets away from that, we will work be the troduction to make sure it is revenue newt tral -- deaf it is neutral. nes.thank you, everybody. li [applause] >> the postmaster general talks about the financial issues facing the post office. he is the featured speaker of the national press club today live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c- span 2. the council on foreign relations post a discussion about the west with the german finance minister on the current state of the european union. that is live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 3. f-35 is the most expensive weapons system in history of mankind. it is an advanced warplane, a fighter jet to be used by the air force, the navy, and the marine corps. it is the replacement of the f- 16 for the marines and the navy. it is supposed to be our new, advanced, all-purpose
the island of st. lucia on sunday turned in to a fight for survival when the boat's electrical syste failed and water started to pour in. 30-year-old dan suski and his 39-year-old sister kate were forced to jump off the sinking boat wearing nothing but their life vests. then a storm rolled in and the two were separated from the boat's captain and first mate. the siblings spent the next is 4 hours swimming to shore. the captain and first mate were also rescued after spending 23 hours in the water. >>> only on nbc, a new vision for san jose chartered by a seasoned member of the rank and file. acting police chief larry es question vel unveiled a new strategy that puts an emphasis on protecting. the chief tackles the criticism that his department is taking a step back when it comes to racial profiling. >> reporter: he's had a huge workload since taking the reins as acting police chief three months ago. larry he has had to rein in a ballooning rate. it was unveiled under the name our city. it outlines plans for fighting gangs, improving morale and reconnecting with the community. >> with don't w
health care syste. john: canada, britain. >> all the western industrialized countries, the capitalist democratic countries, not just all thus, japan, thailand, germany, folks have access to go choose the doctors that want to go to colleges the hostels and thelics that want to go to, under our system will we propose a single pair universal health care h.r. 76. john: the group pushing -- >> the health program. john: a moral duty? >> yes. we believe, and that the many americans believe, maybe even most believe that health care is a human right. is one of those things that you live in america, you're an american. you should have an all-american health care system and insurance. everybody would have insurance automatically. no more turning on and off. john: this sounds awfully good to people. >> it sounds good. can that -- canada as a universal health care system and people waiting to did three years from primary care doctor. no, you know, the problem is in canada, for example, you have to weigh six to nine months for kasten. there's no place i can't catch you can scan in an hour in americ
, kids receive a voucher have a 91 percent graduation rate compared to their peers in the public syste john: why don't we have vouchers everywhere? >> we already do. touches of the university system. you can go to georgetown university which is a private school. it's about chair. the best universities in the world. us because we have a voucher system. stall financial aid. universities, the public school system. john: so you attach some money to the kid. instead of spending 14,000 per student than having a big government monopoly, you say take $10,000, go to any school they want. what if they want to get to the osama bin laden's school of hatred? >> that is their choice from my perspective because what if you choose to go to san francisco state university? simple believe that is the bin laden's school. john: questions from the audience? >> suppose i am a roman catholic orthodoxy juicer for religious reasons i want to send my child to a school the protect my views. i can do that, but have to pay for the but the school. have to pay twice. how is that fair? >> is not. this is why we need t
drive syste and dual transmission to handle hills& thick grass& and tough terrain& without losing traction or power the all-wheel-drive mower from husqvarna. challenge the impossible. visit us online to enter the challenge the impossible promotion charles: if there is buzz about it. the biz blitz is assault over it a new daily segment focussing on wall street issues, main street should be paying attention, to first topic, u.s. airways joining in on sequester budget cuts, do airlines have a point or is sequester a better excuse than weather? to market watchers. gary. better than weather? a nice built in excuse or is it legit. >> equally good to the weather. when companies come out like this, you know with these excuses, that holiday you know fell on wrong day or, it was too cold in april. or whatever, i just raise my eyebrows, and think, they could take advantage of thing like sequester maybe an ad campaign about ho their prices are lower, now is time to flying instead they make excuses, it makes them look bad to wall street. >> to say they make excuses that is pis -- they are expl
, metro security ramped up the securityi across the system. syst they did that by holding the bayside officers through the evening commute and that added many additional police officerso and additional canine units that many customers notice add they h made their way home last night.. that same security posture willu be in place today, so as as customers make their way out this morning and are on then system headed to work, they're e likely to notice not increased a presence of metro transit police, additional canine units across the entire system.system. all of this, i should emphasizes is in an abundance of caution. there's no specific or crediblee threat against metro or transit generally, but until we knowe kw more about what happened in boston, and you know, who is responsible, what their th motivation was, we're taking tag these steps, you know, again out of abundance of caution and keep our customers safe.s se. >> when something like thiske ts happens, do you anticipate thish having an impact on ridership. e we know about the events thatts are going to take place downtown. do y
developmen systs is going to be enough to tack t will problem. this is one of the great strengths of the world bank group. we not only work in the public sector with development assistance but we make direct investments, we make loans. going to ta major effort at bringing public and private together if we're to have any chance of meeting these targets. >> brown: are you afraid that the world might fall backwards? there's been strides in the last couple of decades with china and other countries with poverty. wee had a number of years of slow growth. are you afraid we might be moving backwards? >> we remain cautiously optimistic about what could happen in the future. we know developed economies have to grow in order for us to meet our targets in the developing economies but the growth in the developing economies has been one of the good news stories over the last five years. more than 50% of the growth globally has come from the developing economies and this year they'll grow at 5.5%. many of those countries that make tough decisions around fiscal consolidation, around investing in
false information on hackers involved on how to tighten up the syst, how it can be prevented, and it's triggering a run on stocks. >> this comes as it shows people are more engaged than ever on social media online. we have a pew research center study that we've been taking a look at here. what does it tell us how about people engage on social media? >> we've seen an increase from the last political election to this one, and we have a graphic to show how it's happening. people are posting political articles on social media at a greater rate. it was 28% this election and 11% in 2008. >> and friending a political candidate has jumped from four years ago to last year. this is great because social media is such an efficient and fun and vibrant way of putting out information, but as that hack underscores again you have to be wary whether you are a journalist or somebody in the stock market. >> you have to understand as social media is growing and growing so rapidly that the back end of all of these organizations need to catch up and put in tighter security controls. >> we've seen that from
, we would. we have a form of the english rule. we don't have one english syst system, we have 52, one for each state, the district of colombia and the federal system so that each have their own rules. federal court has ruled 11, it basically says if the lawyer files a pleading they know to be frivolous the lawyer can pay the fee for the other side to resist that pleading. a similar rule exists in about half the states. stuart: a former animal worker took the circus to court saying you mistreat the elephants. subsequently rounded through the courts, the ringling brothers circus when the case and turned around and said he animal rights people, the judge agreed, that was a frivolous, unreasonable and groundless lawsuit. >> most judges in the united states has the authority to assess these. if it was groundless. stuart: why aren't they doing it more often? >> you want to keep the courthouse doors open because a lot of good has come about by litigation which would never come through legislation because the legislators lacked coach. stuart: do you regard england as the mother country? >> no
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years has gone by, if f e-verify is in have been place, if the entry et syste ice,he onlyhing that happens is you are given a clans to apply for a green card l everybody else does. not a special process. you're at the back of the line. evyone who applied before you legally goes first. the only thing that happens after ten years go by and the border is secured, e-verify is in place and the entry-exit system is in place, we don't give you anything. all you have now is the opportunity to apply for a green card. during the first five years under a green card under existing law you don't qualify for federal benefits either. the point is this is a reasonable way to deal with a real problem that faces our country. the alternative is to do nothing which leads me to one of the points people are using. one of the arguments against this is how much money it is going to cost. over the first 10 or 15 years all these things about the fence and these things we're doing, it's paid for in the bill. beyond that, as far as the economy of the united states, a couple points. first of all, you can'
it less obvious that this was going on to denounce the sp queion is the use of t a personal e-mail syste the lneyn st. paul by mr. peres. we've used the dog names for e-mail system and the chairman of the subcommittee was looking into these issues and we did know to subpoena the dog female. we were getting answers back. it appears a personal e-mail account was used for communication because mr. peres in st. paul. the interesting thing was the subpoena issued by the oversight committee and the justice department quote was we been cooperating with legitimate oversight request because he's resisted agreeing with that. is that a legitimate oversight request? a subpoena or personal e-mails when it comes to the attention it may have be years to avoid, in this case, potentially to avoid the obtaining of records under federal law? >> i wanted to make sure what i'm about to say is correct, but the personal e-mails come the relevant material was provided so the commission can be reviewed and determination made about hat. >> you are feeling is the subpoena was not a legitimate oversight request? >>
, away to a good syste. >> thank you. mr. attorney general, i want to make basically a statement and if you wish to comment o iti would appreciate it but i understand if you can't comment8 puto rico became part if you will of the united states. in 1917 puerto ricans were made american citizen. in 1990, for what it's worth i became a member of congress to and since that time, and prior to that time when i -- are you equating each of those things? >> i said for what it's worth. [laughter] so i'm not equating this. but there was a direct result obviously of all those things happening. and all the time that you been attorney general, even before that, you know my concerned. so we just wanted to thank the department for including $2.5 million in funding to conduct voter education to help resolve puerto rico's future relationship with the united states. this funding is an important step to me and to millions of puerto ricans in puerto rico and in the 50 states into finding a process that will allow puerto rico to truly determine the constitutional relationship that they want to live wi
on the entire syst, even with connectivity, it is a lot bigger, no matter how you slice this, then several of these very small regional airports. >> let me cite examples of the last couple of days. one of the things -- we have seen the differential impact on different days. based on what we are seeing in terms of actual traffic. for example, over the last two days, there of not been significant impacts in chicago. we are seeing that today. what we have seen in terms of impacts in atlanta have not been as bad as what we would have modeled. >> we are not in the busy summer travel season yet to be there. >> fair enough. we're trying to anticipate, what are things going to look like as we get into the summer travel season? >> you do not want to pick winners and losers, but you might want to pick volume versus smaller volume. thank you. >> following up on my colleague's question, you mentioned before that there were some airports that are not impacted by this. can you tell me which ones those were? >> it is a number of airports. the washington airports, they have a lot of available capacity. th
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of the syst, to make sure that our commerce continues. i would ask everyone to support this bill. let us fix the big problem and come to a budget agreement. i yield back the balance of my time. >> alan snyder is a little transportation reporter. what finally got lawmakers to pass a bill ending furloughs at the faa? washe number one thing outcry from the public. there have been thousands of delayed flights. lawmakers have heard from constituents, from the airline industry. there was a lot of pressure from the american public on this issue. >> what does this allow the faa to do? >> it is a very narrow bill. basically, it explicitly gives the transportation secretary the authority to transfer $253 million. that is enough money to pay the controller salaries, and also have about $21 million left over that can be used to keep some contract control towers open, which is another issue that had been hurt by the sequester. >> does president obama support this effort? what should we expect from him? carneyst secretary jay said the president did plan to sign it. expect to see that anytime today, or ver
-- and then my bipartisan amendment to prevent criminals from circumventing the existing background check syst system. i'd like to talk about what senator collins and i have. that's amendment number 713. in fact, mr. president, i ask to call up my amendment number 713. the leahy-collins amendment. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: the senator from vermont, mr. leahy, for himself and others, proposes an amendment numbered 713. mr. leahy: i ask consent that further reading be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. leahy: now this amendment makes some changes to the stop illegal trafficking in firearms act. our act is designed to give law enforcement the necessary tools to combat practice -- combat the practice of straw purchasing and illegal trafficking in firearms. that's where somebody will go in and legally buy, say, a handgun for $500 but then turn around and sell it for $1,500 to a drug cartel or somebody who could not buy it. and they're usually buying a lot more than one weapon, they're buying a whole lot. they'll buy them legally and then sel
to do it in an infl way because when you let the of horrible si t wil not be anyail in th syst to meet tha a >> questioner asks about the $2 billion savings estimate that you gave for ending saturday delivery. can you tell us, take us behind the scenes and how you calculated that number? >> absolutely. on a daily basis, if you take the actual delivery days and processing days that we have in the postal service, everyday is worth about four and a half billion dollars. that's what we spent, four and half billion. and so we did issue go through, some work gets absorbed in and some work doesn't. we have put some numbers against that work. is for example, we think that on a daily basis from a percentage of hours and delivery, we used 16 points haven't ours. for rural male perspective we think we can absorb 10% based on the way that contract is structured. would have, we would carry forward that additional 6.5% on to either friday or monday or through the week. from a city carry perspective the number of about 12%. and so i think knowing our employees and knowing our managers, those are cons
.a.a. unfortunately, the -- the addition it's our syste --it's s taking all the hits. the defense is 50% of the budget and they're taking 50% of the hits. this is after the president through his programs has knocked it down, the spending levels, by $487 billion over this ten-year period and sequestration would be another half trillion dolla dollars, which in the -- in the minds, in the statement of the secretary of the defense at that time, secretary panetta, would be devastating, to use his words. so that's where we are right n now. now, i was -- when the majority leader last night introduced an amendment that would transfer the o.c.o. funds -- that's the overseas contingency operations -- from the fiscal years 2014, 2015, and 2016 to offset the sequester impacts in the current year, i -- i think this is not implemented -- implementable, if i can use that word, because he uses future appropriations to offset current year's spending. it is also a dangerous -- dangerous to continue to hollow out our military. i think that we -- a couple days ago i made a talk about how we are comparable today in the ho
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)